When League of Legends was released, the so called ELO boosting came to be at around the same time. Albeit, it was not as large as it is today, a dedicated team of individuals made various account services available to the now flourishing player communities who understood that League of Legends was one day going to be as popular as the veterans in the field like World of Warcraft.

Purchasing ELO Boost

From the first day League of Legends made their ranked section open to everyone, players have been buying and selling a service named ELO Boost. However, in this respect, is it really worth the doubloons? This question has crossed the minds of players most of the time, when it comes to online gaming, having the advantage is all that matters, whether it’s strategic advancement, high end upgrades or unlocked skills. To answer the question as to whether it’s worth to pay a sum to increase you level or get to another higher division, well, there’s no right answer.

ELO boosting is heavily dependent on the player in-game progress. You’ll often discover, new LoL players who seek to reach the top tier levels purchasing ELO boosts in order to reach their summoner level 30. However, purchasing ELO boost shouldn’t be the only option, well at least not just yet. If you are an acolyte to the ranked game mode, you just need to buy a placement boost, to position you at the best division possible to start with and climb steadily. I would personally suggest purchasing the ELO boost once you reach 50 ranked games, since at this point you can learn a lot about the game features and have even developed a solid stratagem.

ELO Hell

At 50 ranked games, you’ve experienced bad games and some good ones, and here is when you realise you are playing in ELO hell and are deemed ready to purchase the ELO boost. Purchasing ELO boosts takes you out of ELO hell, since here you have almost the same skill level as other players in the division and you are ready to skip this redundant stage to a more high level stage. To do this you cannot do it alone, you cannot possibly carry your team across since you are either a platinum or diamond ELO player but lack that level experience.

When you purchase the ELO boost, you are paying the knowledge of these highly experienced players to carry you to the next level. Often, these skilled players are usually challenger or master tier player and doesn’t rely on his team to play LoL.

In conclusion, getting out of ELO hell can be tricky, as you need to have the proper skill set or be extremely lucky. But, the easiest way to climb the ranks and the best is to purchase an ELO boost, and enjoy the perks of the games as it was meant to be and play the tier you belong.

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