When League of Legends was released, the so called ELO boosting came to be at around the same time. Albeit, it was not as large as it is today, a dedicated team of individuals made various account services available to the now flourishing player communities who understood that League of Legends was one day going to be as popular as the veterans in the field like World of Warcraft.

From the first day League of Legends made their ranked section open to everyone, players have been buying and selling a service named ELO Boost. As more players began the boosting their accounts, Summoners got tired of being stuck in the loop called ELO hell and decided to purchase LoL boosting. This was to both improve their LoL gameplay and also raise their ELO. Albeit, players did say that ELO hell doesn’t exist, however, all game boosters agree that it does, and I think it does so too.

Since having players equally skilled at the same tier or division makes it harder to move forward as most teams are equally matched in skill and either of you can stumble on the other’s might. For instance if you are a GOLD player but stuck in Silver, you’ll have a hard time advancing, but if you are a platinum player stuck in diamond, you can easily work your way up as most diamond players cooperate well.

Differing Opinions on LoL Boosting

Today, the League of Legends online player community has diverse opinions regarding LoL boosting and coincidentally, most players openly oppose this as it can be termed as “cheating” however, most of these players opposing they themselves have already received a boost or is planning to. There are hundreds of LoL and ELO boosting sites out there and contrary to the belief, most players are unwilling to openly admit they use a boost, lest they be branded less-gamers.

One of the reason why LoL and ELO boosting has become very popular is due to the fact that is much more fun playing with high level gamers other than yourself. Where you learn more and experience greater strategies and enable you to carry yourself higher without needed the boosting services. It’s like a fiery crucible where you are pitied against the best and it’s enjoyable, since you’ll have access to many features.

Why Boost?

Becoming an elite player from an acolyte, or a beginner, takes a great deal of time, perseverance and discipline. Not to forget excellent battle strategies. Beginners will have to play about 500 battles, all of which should be victories in order to achieve the maximum summoner level of 30. As it is this grand feat is nigh impossible to achieve in a single night, fortunately, getting at the top in a flash is as easy as eating pie, with the introduction of ELO boosting. The concept of ELO boosting is straightforward and easy to comprehend; you approach a high level professional gamer, who is the booster, and discuss your goals them. Then, you let her/him to play on your account to increase your rank.

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